Your restaurant at Radda in Chianti

Le forchette del Chianti is a guest house in a well known and neighbourhood with the same name, welcoming you with a wonderful view over the Valley. 
There is a pleasant atmosphere, always cheerful and cosy - just like in our house - and you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and the slow pace of the countryside. Our cuisine is typically Tuscan, keeping to traditional the food and wine of the region. Our kitchen only serve fresh food, organic and locally produced, because our clients expect only the best. The view from our guest house is breathtaking: the Valley opens up right before your eyes, displaying a truly unique landscape. Despite being close to the centre of Radda (in the province of Siena), we are far from traditional national and international tourist routes. Come and visit us for an unforgettable experience with simple, traditional peasant dishes such as dumplings in red sauce, all at very competitive prices. Start with an aperitif, continue with focaccia and finish off with a traditional dish: real Tuscan excellence!
chef mette del basilico su una montagna di spaghetti al pomodoro e pepe

A lovely place

We are in Tuscany and, as you know, it has always been a popular tourist destination for Italians and visitors from abroad: each year, Americans, Europeans and visitors from South East Asia come to admire the beauty we have on offer. But we're a little shy: for this reason, our guest house is located in an isolated location and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you love tranquillity or need a moment to catch your breath after the typical cultural holiday schedule, we are waiting for you! Here you will find exquisite cuisine at very competitive prices.
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The kitchen

We don't like complicated and excessive preparations. 
Our guest house offers wholesome food with the simple traditional flavours of the region. Ask for our specialities, like dumplings in red sauce. Don't forget to taste the Chianti, our recommended wine: full-bodied and distinct, the perfect companion for our traditional dishes.
Come and visit us for a guaranteed unforgettable experience.
bottiglia e bicchiere di chianti su un tavolo in legno con sfondo toscano

Come and taste the Chianti specialties!

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